Rent the train

louez votre train 

For you birthday, association meeting, weeding or just for pleasure, you can rent special trains. Chose the date, the departures times and the trip, steam or diesel train and book your special journey. You can invite all your friend, there is 425 sitting places.


If you want to stop for making fotos, just ask us, and we'll do it. The train and the hall  can be decorated. For booking you rent, please contact us : 03 89 82 88 48, in the morning from monday to friday.



Rent your special steam train, only for you. For the steam train reservation, we offer you the old mechandise hall rent, or 200€ for all the other special train.

 Rates for private trains (1) Single Trip Go Back Trip Capacity
 Steam locomotive 030T Couillet 600 € 800 € 190 places
 Steam locomotive Mallet 020+020T Henschel 750 € 1000 € 190 places
 Diesel 020 DE Fauvet Girel 320  € 400 € 190 places
 Autorail X5852 240 € 300 € 63 places max
 Additionnal cars 80 € 100 € 50 places per additionnal cars

(1) Package with 4 wood cars built in 1892 (190 places) - Additionnal bar cars on request.  

In addition, with our railcar X4395 named « caravelle », we could organize some trains every where in France, on national rail network. If you're interested, thanks to contact us 4 month before the date . The rate will depend on the request.